• Luxury Steel Villa Homes, Comfort and Security in Your Dreams

    Luxury Steel Villa Homes, Comfort and Security in Your Dreams

    Steel villa houses of your dreams with modern design, durability and sustainability! Add value to your living spaces with high-quality materials and high-level craftsmanship. Discover now!
  • Unique Steel Villa Houses, Pearl of Modern Life

    Unique Steel Villa Houses, Pearl of Modern Life

    Increase your quality of life in steel villa houses where elegance and technology meet. Step into the homes of the future with environmentally friendly and energy efficient structures.
  • Steel Villa Homes Beyond Dreams, The New Address of Comfort

    Steel Villa Homes Beyond Dreams, The New Address of Comfort

    Add prestige to your life with solid and stylish steel villa houses that are a marvel of interior architecture. Create long-lasting living spaces with thermal insulation and durability. Check it out now!

Villa Steel

About Us

As VILLA ÇELİK YAPI, we meet the housing need in our country; in the vision of horizontal architecture: light steel, single-storey or double-storey detached villas and hospitals, schools, etc. other than residences. We also provide turnkey services in projects such as We always plan all the details that will add value to your life by adopting the principle of customer-oriented work.

Ankara Çelik Villa

How We Work


We deliver

We complete all stages of steel structure production in a complete manner and give you turnkey.


We Design

We design the living spaces of your dreams together in line with your wishes and demands.


We are projecting

We project steel houses, steel villas or steel structures with the latest technology and quality building materials.


We Listen to Your Requests

We listen to your dream steel villa, steel house and steel structure requests, design and present the building according to your wishes, and start our work.


Years of Experience

Working Hard for Better


We know the importance of nature and human life. We produce nature-friendly steel houses, steel villas, prefabricated houses and steel structures by using renewable energy resources at every stage of production.

Our Quality Policy

We create trendy designs with up-to-date technology systems, and make turnkey production using quality and first-class materials.

Happy Customer

We analyze the steel house, steel villa, prefabricated house and steel structure requests of our customers correctly and work together from the beginning to the end of the project.

Why Steel Villa

Healthy Structures

As a result of the examinations made, the materials we use in our buildings are found to be not harmful to health.
It does not create moisture and humidity.

Durable Material

Steel houses have a life of 100 to 200 years. With the Right Material Selection; They are structures that are resistant to earthquake, fire and cold climate conditions.

Terrain and Climate Compatibility

Steel Structures; Design and Calculations and materials to be used; It is selected in accordance with the conditions of the place and region. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions and terrain.

Ease of Installation

Due to the fact that they are pre-manufactured structures, Exterior walls, Inner walls, Trusses and Mezzanine Beams are prepared as panels and shipped to the construction site. Installation by combining with bolt system

Design Diversity

Personal projects can be easily implemented. Single-storey, Duplex, Closed Garage, Veranda Allows you to design your dreams in the dimensions you want, as you imagine.

Reasonable Price

Steel structures, Yes Economical. They are recyclable structures. It is suitable for every budget. The biggest advantage is time