Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings
Prefabricated buildings attract attention with a noticeable increase in demand in recent years. These structures offer many conveniences to their users at every stage.

Prefabricated structures can be designed in accordance with different environmental conditions and different budgets. The biggest reason why it is preferred is its economical and ergonomic features. At this stage, our company aims to provide you with the most appropriate service. Prefabricated buildings can be used in houses, cafeterias or various other areas.
Prefabricated houses can be built as one or two floors. Production can be made up to a maximum of three times. Buildings that are becoming more common day by day; It is very advantageous due to its life span of nearly 50 years, its fast construction and its low cost. The quality and flexibility of the materials used in the project is one of the most important factors in the durability of the structures.

As VİLLA ÇELİK YAPI company, we aim to offer you the most suitable project options for your land, produced with the highest quality materials. With our special production projects, we create earthquake-resistant and environmentally friendly structures that are suitable for the features you want. can be installed easily. Houses are built on a steel skeleton. The materials used in the construction are chosen by our company among very high quality and durable materials.

These materials, which are specially produced at the factory, are then combined and the prefabricated structure is installed. As with all construction structures, prefabricated projects require a construction permit.
  • Prefabricated Container
  • Prefabricated Prefabricated Buildings
These project types also have various designs with different features. It can be used for prefabricated building, house - dining hall and many other purposes.

Prefabricated containers; It is built for various purposes such as office, lobby, WC and shower, private cabin, residence. Our company offers you a wide variety of designs and structures for your prefabricated container demands.

VİLLA ÇELİK YAPI offers you very suitable opportunities with modern and innovative prefabricated projects that meet your wishes. Our projects are durable and environmentally friendly structures that are resistant to earthquakes and various natural disasters. We aim to keep your satisfaction at the highest level with prefabricated projects that are most suitable for your land conditions.

What Advantages Do Prefabricated Houses Provide?
Prefabricated buildings provide; It offers a wide range of advantages in terms of construction, use and price. Some of these advantages are:
  • Comfort: Prefabricated structures produced in accordance with the desired specifications provide great comfort to their users. Since the projects are produced with a modular system, you can buy prefabricated houses with the size and spaciousness you want
  • Reasonable price: Prefabricated construction offers a great price advantage compared to reinforced concrete constructions. In addition, this price advantage does not compromise on quality and durability. With the opportunities offered by our company, you can own a prefabricated house at very attractive and affordable prices
  • Strength: Prefabricated houses are very durable as they are produced using quality and robust materials. In addition, since the projects are designed in accordance with the changing terrain, climate and weather conditions, there are no problems in the use phase
  • Time saving: The construction process takes a short time as the houses are created by combining the materials specially produced in the factories afterwards. This provides a significant time saving compared to reinforced concrete structures
Prefabricated House Prices
Prices in prefabricated buildings vary according to project details and your expectations. Factors such as the terrain structure, the features demanded in the project, the cost of the project and the quality of the materials used; directly affects the price of the project. As VİLLA ÇELİK YAPI company, we serve you by using the best quality materials and with price offers that provide advantage in payment.

We produce the buildings specially without compromising our environmentally friendly policy. We aim to be in a pioneering and innovative position in this field. The p you have requested