Steel Villa Buildings

Steel Villa Buildings
Steel villa structures have managed to attract the attention of users thanks to the various advantages they have. The development of the use of steel in the construction industry highlights the advantage of using these villa structures.

Steel villa structures saves cost and time. With durable, high quality steel villas, you can have living spaces with pleasant appearances.

Special Project Steel Villa Structures
As VİLLA ÇELİK YAPI company, user-friendly special production steel We provide services with villas. These steel structures, with quality and durable materials; It is produced according to our understanding of modern steel villas in accordance with earthquake and heat regulations. Light steel can be preferred especially because it is much more resistant to earthquakes than reinforced concrete structures. Because steel is a flexible material by itself and provides protection against events such as earthquakes without difficulty. We never compromise on our environmentally friendly policy during the production and delivery process. We aim to provide the right service with the quality and reliable technology and transportation facilities we use.

Steel Villa Prices and Models
Specially produced steel villas can have many different models. . These models also vary according to the region where the house will be located. You can own a single-storey or duplex steel house according to your wishes. We have made it our duty to provide you with the most suitable and inexpensive service in this field.

Steel structure prices vary according to the project details as they are affected by many parameters. However, due to the fact that steel is a more affordable and durable material in all conditions, it provides a great price advantage, especially in the long term, compared to reinforced concrete structures. Whether the building you want is single or double storey also affects the cost and therefore the price of the building. >
Attractive Features of Steel Structures
Steel structures are becoming more and more attractive living spaces with the ease of use of steel in construction. Its use is becoming more common day by day, especially in countries like our country, which are in a high-risk earthquake zone. There are many reasons why the demand for steel houses is increasing day by day. Let's list some of them:
  • Steel structures are designed to be suitable for all climates and weather conditions
  • Steel houses provide a great deal of durability and ductility to the houses due to the high flexibility of steel
  • Special project villas made of steel are very long-lasting. They have a lifespan of 100-150 years
  • The construction phase of steel villas is quite short. In this respect, it provides a significant time saving compared to reinforced concrete structures
  • Since the houses are produced in accordance with earthquake and heat regulations, there is no thermal insulation problem
How to Assemble Steel Villas?
The projects are prepared as pre-production in the factory environment. In this way, human error is minimized in specially produced steel structures that meet the specifications you have requested. The elements that make up the building system are produced in Rollform machines and combined with steel rivets; Thus, a panel is formed.

The houses are produced in a computer environment with special technology and prepared in accordance with the technical procedure. The assembly of the ready-made structures is easy and error-free. Our brand, which has been serving in this field for many years, aims to provide you with perfect service in production, transportation and assembly stages.

Important Considerations in Special Production Steel House Systems
As in every structure There are some points that need to be taken into consideration in steel villa projects. These points are:
  • The coating must be sealed
  • Insulation is a very important issue for light steel houses. All materials used in insulation must be robust, of high quality and comply with regulations
  • Flooring should be appealing and durable
  • Basic design is also a very important consideration. The fact that steel structures are lighter than reinforced concrete provides an advantage in this regard
  • It is important that the structure is resistant to pressure, tensile forces and some major reactions
  • Strength must be taken into account and properly taken care of to prevent the building from collapsing
  • Air tightness, choose suitable materials