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As VİLLA ÇELİK YAPI, we meet the housing need in our country; In the vision of horizontal architecture, light steel, single-storey or double-storey detached villas and other hospitals, schools, etc. We also provide turnkey services for projects such as We always plan all the details that will add value to your life by adopting the principle of customer-oriented work.

We offer the right product and quality structures to our valued customers. For this purpose, we always lead the developing steel structure sector by examining new technologies and structures.

steel structures TSE, DIN, ISO By using materials in accordance with ASTM, AISI norms; We produce our structures in accordance with earthquake and heat regulations. We choose materials suitable for different climates and conditions, produce them with an environmentalist approach, and, thanks to the technology and logistics facilities it uses, we fulfill the obligations it undertakes in the most economical way, on time and completely.

Light steel; for our country in the earthquake zone, our geography under different climatic conditions, and our regions experiencing different construction seasons: reliable, high quality and most importantly, fast construction time and keeping the pulse of the era.

Our goal is, /strong> to offer the steel structures, which have become widespread in our country since the beginning of the 2000s and whose market share is growing, to the use of more people in domestic and international projects with our applications that can be cited as reference.

Ankara Çelik Villa
Çelik Ev Çelik Villa Prefabrik Ev Prefabrik Villa Ankara Çelik Villa Ankara Prefabrik Ev Çelik Villa Ankara Çelik Villa Prefabrik Ev Ankara Prefabrik Ev Prefabrik Ev Ankara Çelik Villa Prefabrik Villa Prefabrik Villa Çelik Ev Ankara Çelik Villa Ankara Çelik Villa