Iznik 2 Storey Steel Villa

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Project Details

  • Project nameIznik 2 Storey Steel Villa
  • Project TypeTwo Storey Steel Villa
  • Where MadeBursa / İznik
  • Usage Area185 m2
  • Number of rooms4+1
  • Project StatusTamamlandı
Designed in accordance with the unique nature of Iznik, Iznik 2-Storey Steel Villa offers a modern and spacious life with a large usage area of 185 square meters. While this ambitious project offers an ideal housing experience for families with its 4+1 room arrangement, it reflects a unique architectural elegance with its two-storey steel villa concept. Iznik 2-Storey Steel Villa stands out not only with its strength and durability, but also with its aesthetic details and low energy consumption. This special project aims to offer a comfortable and luxurious living space designed in accordance with the historical and natural beauties of Iznik.