Sivrihisar Two Storey Steel House

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Project Details

  • Project nameSivrihisar Two Storey Steel House
  • Project TypeTwo Storey Steel House
  • Where MadeEskişehir / Sivrihisar
  • Usage Area220 m2
  • Number of rooms5+1
  • Project StatusTamamlandı
Designed in accordance with the historical atmosphere and natural beauties of Eskişehir, the Sivrihisar Two-Storey Steel House project brings together the comfort and elegance of modern life with its large usage area of 220 square meters. While this private residence offers an ideal living space for large families with its 5+1 room arrangement, it combines a solid and aesthetic structure with a two-storey steel house concept. Sivrihisar Two-Storey Steel House stands out not only with its functional interior arrangement and modern design, but also with the use of environmentally friendly materials. This unique project aims to offer families a comfortable and safe life by respecting the historical texture of Sivrihisar.